The OKR Institute embarked on a strategic initiative with CLP Group, a leading utility company, focusing on training their product teams to effectively use Objectives and Key Results and ensure alignment with the company’s annual goals. This partnership aimed to enhance strategic execution and agility within product development and management. Below is a structured summary of the engagement, highlighting the challenges, solutions, and outcomes.

CLP Group faced the challenge of setting up OKR cycles that aligned with the company’s strategic direction and annual objectives. Integrating OKRs into product teams required a nuanced approach aligned with various agile methodologies and the company’s broader strategic framework.

To address these challenges, the OKR Institute implemented several key strategies:

  • OKR Practitioner Courses: Conducted comprehensive training for product managers, team leads, agile coaches, and scrum masters, focusing on the principles of OKRs and their practical application within product teams.
  • Weekly Check-ins: Established a routine of weekly check-ins to maintain momentum, address any issues in real-time, and ensure continuous alignment of OKRs with evolving strategic priorities.

The training and support provided by the OKR Institute led to several significant achievements for CLP Group’s product teams:

  • Effective OKR Drafting: Product managers and team leads learned to effectively draft OKRs for their functional and squad teams, ensuring clear objectives and measurable key results.
  • Integration with Agile Methodologies: Teams could align their OKRs with various agile methodologies, such as scrum, kanban, and lean start-up, enhancing agility and strategic execution.
  • Horizontal and Vertical Alignment: Achieved horizontal (across teams) and vertical (from top-level strategy to individual contributors) alignment of OKRs, ensuring a cohesive approach to strategic goals.
  • Linkage to Incentive Programs: Successfully linked OKRs to the company’s incentive program, fostering motivation and aligning individual and team contributions with corporate objectives.
  • Pilot Group Selection: Identified and set up the right pilot groups for initial OKR implementation, allowing for targeted learning and adaptation before broader rollout.