OKR Foundation Course

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Course Description

Learn the basics of OKRs and how you can achieve your strategies, mission, and vision with Objectives and Key Results.

  • Skill level: Beginner Level
  • Languages: English
  • Lesson: 16 topics and 4 quizzes in 4 lessons
  • Delivery: Videos and text
  • Certificate: OKR Institute’s ‘Certified OKR Foundation’ upon course completion

After attending this course you will have a practical set of Objectives and Key Results to start implementing OKR within your company and team.

Our step-by-step guide, with a hand-on OKR writing lesson, will help you familiar with the OKR implementation.

This course is perfect for anyone getting started with OKR.

This course is facilitated by Dirk Schmellenkamp, OKR and KPI Coach, who supports individuals and teams around the globe to implement OKR successfully in their companies.

Learning lessons

  1. The Foundation of OKR
  2. Objective to Achieve your Goals
  3. Key Results to Measure your Progress
  4. Implementing the OKR

In this course you’ll get

  • Videos, texts and quizzes
  • Examples of OKRs
  • Objective and Key Results Checklists

After completing this course:

  • You know exactly what OKR are, why you need OKR, and how you apply and benefit from OKR
  • You can identify your mission and purpose
  • You can set your Objective to align with your mission and purpose
  • You can set your Key Results for your objectives
  • You will know what makes a good OKR
  • You will know how to identify your success with OKR
  • You will know how to align your OKR within your teams and
  • You will know how to track your progress
  • You learn OKR best practices 

Are there any course requirements or prerequisites?

  • No tools or previous experiences in goal setting is required

Audience Profile:

  • For you, if you want to achieve your team and company goals
  • For you, if you want to benefit from using OKRs, the most effective goal setting tool worldwide
  • For you as a team leader, if you want to align your team’s priorities and executing your strategies effectively

Let’s get started!

You can download the following resources to implement your OKR