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Empower your teams, scale your business

Boost performance with our OKR software, which empowers teams to be engaged, aligned, and strategically focused. Provide your team members with effective tools to unleash their full potential.

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Tools for High Performing Teams

Strategies & OKRs

Align, track, and engage via this agile goal setting system

Key Performance Indicators

Measure & track the performance & health of your teams and organization

Tasks & Kanban

Organize your action plan via tasks and Kanban to get things done


Brainstorm and plan your strategies and OKRs with your team members


Engage your OKR teams via effective weekly check-in meetings


Make better & faster business decisions via real-time reports

Successful OKR implementation starts with the right support

24h Support

Setting up Support

Seamless Integrations

OKR Training

Dedicated Customer Success Manager

Safe & Secure Data Transfer

OKR Software that helps you to execute your strategies

Manage your strategies, OKRs, KPIs, Tasks, People, and Performance in one platform. Focus on your goals, measure your progress, and achieve your outcome-driven results.

Easy onboarding of your Teams

okri.io makes it easy to deploy OKRs in your teams and organization. Achieve agile alignment and team engagement through an effective weekly check-in. Grow your business with this all-inclusive OKR & Performance tool.

Easy alignment of teams

Align your teams towards your strategies

Thrive transparency, alignment and break down silo effects in your teams and organization

Stay focused

Have effective weekly check-ins

Resolve blockers in your weekly check-in meetings to get closer to your goal

Get things done

Have an effective execution plan

Link your action plan to your Key Results

Stay healthy

Use OKRs to make unhealthy KPIs healthy again

Keep a healthy relationship between KPIs and OKRs

Integrate with your favorite app


Personal Plan


  • Up to 1 user
  • OKRs
  • KPIs
  • Tasks
  • Kanban
  • Check-ins
  • Reporting
  • Strategy Planning
  • Whiteboards

Team Plan

$20 / Monthly*

  • Up to 10 users
  • Additional user $2.50
  • OKRs
  • KPIs
  • Tasks
  • Kanban
  • Check-ins
  • Reporting
  • Strategy Planning
  • Whiteboards

*billed annually /$25 billed monthly

Experience of 1,000+ OKR rollouts

Take advantage of this powerful agile OKR, KPI, Strategy, and Performance software and break down silos and align teams cross-functionally and vertically.