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The OKR Institute offers world-class OKR certification courses, coaching, and training. Learn how to implement OKRs and achieve remarkable results for teams and organizations. Become a certified OKR Practitioner, Leader, and Professional with the leading global OKR Education & Research Institute.


An excellent starting point for OKR enthusiasts. Lay a strong foundation for your OKR journey, understand OKRs, and learn how to set them. You can start anytime, and upon completion, we proudly present a certificate.

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Master OKRs within your teams and organization. Become a certified OKR Practitioner (C-OKRP®) and enhance your expertise in Objectives and Key Results to improve team and company performance.

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Strong leadership and a value-based company culture are essential for successfully implementing OKRs. You will learn how to create self-driven teams and improve levels of engagement and collaboration. Embrace the Agile OKR approach and lead your organization to success through the OKR Leadership Course (C-OKRL®). (The OKR Practitioner Course is included.)

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Become a certified OKR Professional (C-OKRPro®) in the OKR framework and kickstart your professional OKR Coaching career. The Professional course is the OKR Institutes’ signature ‘COACH THE COACH MODEL’, and you will be empowered to be an impactful OKR coach within your organization or as an external coach. (The OKR Practitioner & Leadership Courses are included.)

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Get certified by the OKR Institute

OKRI helps teams overcome challenges when adopting OKRs, such as over-cascading, setting the right pilot group, changing the company culture, linking OKRs with other agile or strategy tools, organizing weekly check-ins, and persevering when faced with difficulties. Master these challenges and become an OKR Expert through our OKRI Certification Courses.


Our courses can accommodate a maximum of 5 participants. The live sessions span from 5 to 14 weeks, with each session lasting 1.5 hours. This OKR learning approach enhances the participants’ learning experience and enables every learner to improve their drafted OKRs, establish the appropriate OKR cycle for their teams and organizations, and enhance Agile OKR leadership.

Obtain a professional OKR Certification from the leading Institute in OKRs.

Acquire all the necessary OKR skills for sustainable and successful OKR Cycles.

Learn how to draft powerful OKRs, align and execute them in the most effective manner.

What OUR Course Participants Have to Say about


“Our employees went through the OKR training programs from the OKR Institute and we could implement OKRs successfully in our organization.”

Jelle Posthuma, Support, ITQ

“I learnt how OKRs and Executive Coaching could work together and how OKRs could ignite the understanding, communication, and collaboration within and between teams in an organization.”

Sonja Donckers, Head PMO, Niko Group

“The OKR program for our organization helped us to apply the OKR framework. We have now an in-house OKR Master Practitioner to manage the OKR cycle.”

Sebastian Stahn, Engineer, Ansys

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