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Get certified as an OKR Expert by the OKR Institute. Explore our agile goal-setting tools via the OKR Foundation Course. OKRI focuses on how to draft strong OKRs and how to deploy them in a sustainable way. OKRI’s objectives for each course participant are to learn the skills to execute strategies effectively, to bring more alignment and accountability in an organization.

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OKR Foundation Course

Discover OKRs and learn how to implement them in your organization. Get certified for the OKR Foundation Course by the OKR Institute. Start anytime

become a Certified OKR Practitioner

OKR Practitioner Course

Become a certified OKR Practitioner to be the OKR Champion in your organization. Certification by the OKR Institute. This course is endorsed by "Association for Coaching (UK)".

become a Certified OKR Coach

OKR Professional Course

Become a certified OKR Professional to coach others on OKRs. Certification by the OKR Institute. This course is endorsed as "Leader as Coach Course" by "Association for Coaching (UK)".

What OUR Course Participants Have to Say about


“Our employees went through the OKR training programs from the OKR Institute and we could implement OKRs successfully in our organization.”

Jelle Posthuma, Support, ITQ

“Dirk (a great facilitator and coach!) challenged me in seeing how OKR and Executive Coaching could work together and how OKR could ignite the understanding, communication, and collaboration both within and between teams in an organization.”

Sonja Donckers, Head PMO, Niko Group

“The OKR program for our organization helped us to apply the OKR framework. We have now an in-house OKR Master Practitioner to manage the OKR cycle.”

Sebastian Stahn, Engineer, Ansys

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