The OKR Institute embarked on a transformative journey with Omantel, a leading telecommunications company, to train their HR, Strategy teams, and team leads on drafting and aligning OKRs within the organization. This initiative aimed to embed a robust goal-setting and execution framework that resonated with Omantel’s corporate culture and operational dynamics.

The primary challenge Omantel faced was integrating the OKR framework in a manner that complemented its established company culture, ensuring the system’s effectiveness in driving goal execution across different teams.

The OKR Institute implemented a series of OKR Practitioner Courses tailored specifically for Omantel’s key teams involved in the OKR system to address this challenge. These courses were designed to equip participants with the knowledge and skills to effectively apply OKRs within their unique operational contexts and cultural nuances.

The targeted training program led to several key achievements:

  • Alignment with Strategic Management: Team leads acquired the expertise to effectively align team OKRs with Omantel’s strategic management objectives, ensuring that all team efforts contributed toward the organization’s broader goals.
  • Weekly Check-ins for Sustained Engagement: Participants learned to conduct regular weekly check-ins, which proved crucial in maintaining engagement with the OKR system and ensuring its continual relevance and effectiveness.
  • Cultural and Operational Integration: One of the most significant outcomes was the ability of team leads to adapt the OKR system to fit both Omantel’s overarching company culture and the specific cultures of their teams. This adaptability ensured that the OKR framework was not merely imposed but became an integral part of the operational and cultural fabric of the company.