The OKR Institute engaged with Roche, a global leader in healthcare and pharmaceuticals, to enhance their middle management and team’s proficiency in Objectives and Key Results (OKRs). This partnership aimed to improve strategic alignment and execution across Roche’s diverse country teams, ensuring coherence with the company’s global strategies and vision.

A key challenge for Roche was ensuring that country teams were effectively aligned with the company’s overarching strategies and vision, considering the diverse cultural and operational landscapes in which they operate.

To address this challenge, the OKR Institute implemented several strategic interventions:

  • OKR Practitioner Course for Country Managers: Tailored training sessions were conducted for country managers, focusing on methods of effective alignment that respect both Roche’s corporate culture and the specific nuances of country cultures.

The training program led to significant achievements across Roche’s teams:

  • Strategic Alignment Across Levels: Team leads and country managers learned to effectively align their teams’ efforts from the functional to the strategy management level, ensuring that all activities contributed towards Roche’s global objectives.
  • Engagement with Weekly Check-ins: The practice of conducting regular weekly check-ins was adopted, enhancing the engagement with and adherence to the OKR system, facilitating real-time adjustments and fostering a culture of continuous feedback.
  • Cultural Adaptation of the OKR System: Participants mastered adjusting the OKR system to fit both Roche’s overarching company culture and the distinct cultures of various countries, ensuring that the OKR implementation was effective and sensitive to local nuances.