OKR Implementation Tailored to Your Organization

We developed a sustainable OKR implementation approach, after helping hundreds of teams get started with Objectives and Key Results. The implementation is structured in 3 levels, based on 2 OKR cycles to make sure your OKR implementation is successful and sustainable.


(~MONTH 1)


(~MONTH 2)


 (~MONTHS 2-8)

Learn the foundation of OKRs and how you can achieve your strategies, mission, and vision with Objectives and Key Results.

Pain Points many organizations face when implementing OKRs:

•Performance Culture Change •Over-Cascading •Pilot Group •Measure progress •Giving up when it gets tough

We help you to master these challenges via this tailored OKR Implementation Program.

Skill level

 Organizations with Beginner or Intermediate OKR KNowledge




3 Levels based on 2 OKR Cycles




 OKR Institute’s ‘Certified OKR Implementation’ upon Program completion

Level 1: Deployment of OKRS

Step 1

We confirm why you are deploying OKRs.

Step 2

We assess your existing strategy and any OKRs if you have already implemented

Step 3

We define your OKR deployment plan based on your Strategies / Goals

Questions (parameters) that need to be answered before deploying OKRs:

  1. Levels: At what level will we set OKRs?
  2. Number: How many OKRs will we set?
  3. Scoring: How will we score OKR?
  4. Cycle Time: How long is the OKR cycle?
  5. Tools: Where do we draft, publish, and track OKRs?
  6. Performance Reviews: How will OKRs relate to performance reviews?
  7. OKRs vs KPIs: How do we differentiate OKRs from KPIs?
  8. Alignment: How will we ensure OKRs are aligned?
  9. Bottoms-Up: How will we ensure most OKRs originate bottom-up?
  10. Pilot Group: How will we ensure only OKR enthusiasts join this group?

Level 2: OKR Training

The parameters defined in Level 1 form your OKRs training program. We customize your training to define company and team/department OKRs. You may incorporate an OKR Practitioner training that creates a group of internal OKRs experts and coaches. These internal OKR Practitioners ensure your OKRs program is sustainable. We begin training workshops with an overview of OKRs with a focus on your unique set of deployment parameters. Most of the training workshop time is dedicated to interactive exercises to draft your OKRs.


Step 1

Set and Align OKRs

Step 2

Check-In and Track

Step 3

Reflect and Reset

OKR Cycle typically runs 3-4 months but depends on the rhythm of your organization.

OKR Cycle Step 1: Set and Align OKRs

We help you refine, align, and publish your OKRs in a single location, this can be a dedicated software tool or you can use one of our OKR templates.

OKR Cycle Step 2: Check-In and Monitor

We ensure you integrate OKRs into the daily work throughout the OKR cycle and focus on those objectives and execute them. Without a proper OKR implementation, many teams simply go back to their desk and work on their to-do list and do not integrate OKRs into their daily work.

OKR Cycle Step 3: Reflect and Reset

This step features both a reflection on the past as well as a look into the future. As OKR Coaches, we do not hold you accountable for achieving all your key results. However, we do hold you accountable for documenting learnings and applying these learnings to the next OKR cycle. At the end of the OKR cycle, we facilitate a Reflect & Reset session to document these learnings and ensure you apply them for the next cycle.


Any organization that wants to implement OKRs and needs assistance for a successful and sustainable implementation.

How long is The OKR Implementation program?

Our OKR implementation program runs for 8 months. It includes a total of 25h OKR Coaching sessions, split into 16 live zoom sessions, for up to 25 participants.