The OKR Institute and Prince Sultan University collaboration focused on training the university\’s Strategic Planning team to effectively link Objective and Key Results (OKRs) with the Balanced Scorecard framework. This initiative aimed to enhance strategic planning, execution, and assessment by integrating these powerful management tools.

Prince Sultan University faced several key challenges:

  • Integration Complexity: The complexity of integrating OKRs with the Balanced Scorecard presented a significant challenge given their differing focuses and methodologies.
  • Strategic Alignment and Execution: Ensuring that integrating OKRs and the Balanced Scorecard would lead to improved strategic alignment and execution across the university\’s departments and initiatives.
  • Training and Adoption: Comprehensive training is needed to ensure that the Strategic Planning team can implement and sustain the integrated system effectively.

To address these challenges, the OKR Institute devised a tailored strategy:

  • Customized Training Programs: Developed and delivered customized training sessions focused on the principles of both OKRs and the Balanced Scorecard, and strategies for their effective integration.
  • Practical Application Workshops: Conducted practical application workshops to help the Strategic Planning team understand how to link OKRs with the Balanced Scorecard\’s four perspectives (Financial, Customer, Internal Process, and Learning & Growth).
  • Ongoing Support and Consultation: Provided ongoing support and consultation to ensure the successful implementation and sustainability of the integrated system, including troubleshooting and adjustments based on feedback and performance analysis.

The partnership led to several positive developments for Prince Sultan University:

  • Enhanced Strategic Planning and Execution: Integrating OKRs with the Balanced Scorecard significantly enhanced the university\’s strategic planning and execution capabilities, allowing for clearer alignment of initiatives and objectives.
  • Improved Performance Measurement: The initiative led to improved strategic performance measurement, enabling the university to track progress against its goals across multiple dimensions more effectively.
  • Capacity Building: The Strategic Planning team acquired valuable skills and knowledge, building capacity within the university for ongoing strategic management and improvement.