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A worldwide community of Agile, Performance & OKR experts and enthusiasts. We believe in the power of community connections to fuel your growth. We share resources and knowledge to help each other to amplify the impact. Join for free to unlock top-notch resources and expert connections.

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We created the OKRI Heartbeat community to bring agile like-minded people together. We are innovators who are passionate about using agile business and OKR practices to achieve audacious goals for a better future.

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OKR Dialogue

Our monthly ‘OKR Voice’ expert calls will cover relevant topics in an interactive and practical manner. Each call will consist of a powerful 20-minute talk providing practical tips on creating sustainable success through OKRs, followed by a 15-minute Q&A session.

Expert Insights

An empowering monthly article will be posted. Our OKRI panel of experts will provide the context and a case study, supporting you in applying the learning from the same article immediately.

Template Toolbox

Practical and useful templates and tools will be provided.

OKR Pulse

OKRI Heartbeat news: empowering you to stay up to date with what’s relevant and new in the world of OKRs.

OKR Mastery

With OKRI Heartbeat, you are empowered to learn and apply the top global OKR practices. As the leading global OKR Certification and Coaching Institute, we are privileged to operate in multiple industries across the world, and we will share these valuable learnings with you.

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