OKR Certification, Coaching and Training

OKR Learning

Our suite of courses & learning hub empowers you to draft and deploy OKRs effectively. As an OKR Leader, you will be enabled to actualize corporate strategies and increase the engagement levels of teams, and much more.

OKR Coaching

Benefit from our hands-on coaching provided by international Performance and OKR coaches. Our practical orientation will assist you to be a great asset in your organization, rapidly.

OKr Certification

Become a certified Expert in implementing Objectives and Key Results and lead teams toward success. Receive world-class certification recognized by Association for Coaching (ACUK).

Trusted by 500+ Organizations in 50+ Countries

We help Fortune 500 companies, SMEs, and start-ups to shift to an outcome-driven culture for effective strategy execution.


The OKR Institute provides world-class OKR Certification courses, coaching, and training. Learn how to implement OKRs and create remarkable results for Organizations. Become a Certified OKR Practitioner, Leader, and Professional from the global leading OKR Education and Research Institute.


An excellent starting point for OKR enthusiasts. Lay a strong foundation for your OKR journey, understand OKRs, and how to set them. Start anytime and we proudly present a certificate upon completion.

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Champion OKRs within your teams and organization. Become a certified OKR Practitioner and increase your level of expertise on Objectives and Key Results and improve company performance.

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Strong leadership and a value-based company culture are required to make Objectives and Key Results succeed. Uplift team engagement, increase the quality of your OKRs, and lead your team to success.

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  • Get certified by the worldwide leading Institute for OKR Education & Training.
  • Learn how to draft strong OKRs in your industry and implement them in a successful and sustainable way.
  • Learn how to become a successful OKR Leader to empower your OKR team members to increase accountability and ownership.
  • The OKR Institute’s objective for each course participant is to master the skills to execute strategies effectively via OKRs.

Our unique value to you

“WE WALK THE TALK” – The OKR Institute does not only teach the deployment of OKRs as a catalyst to company growth. We have experienced 10X growth ourselves a few times over.

Worldwide Leading

OKR Institute helps organizations in Europe, North & South America, the Middle East, Oceania, and Asia to deploy OKRs in the most effective & sustainable way.

Effective Learning

Participants of the implementation programs and courses learn how to bridge the gap between strategies and operations via the effective OKRI framework.

Sustainable OKR Implementation

OKRI helps organizations overcome challenges when implementing OKRs such as setting the right pilot group, over-cascading, measuring regularly progress, performance culture change, linking OKRs with other agile or strategy tools, and giving up when it gets tough.







Ongoing Learning

Continuous self-development via our e-learning platform

The Workshop Experience

Get consistent, hands-on, interactive training worldwide

Professional OKR Trainer

Learn from highly business experienced OKR Coaches

Global Certifications

Get certified with industry respected certification exams


Professional OKR certifications are created for different experience levels. OKRI certificates are recognized worldwide because they test a deep and true understanding of the OKR framework and how to implement OKRs and apply them. Renewals are not required on our certifications.


What our clients have to say

Become a Certified OKR Expert

Learn how to draft strong OKRs and align your teams towards your strategies. Learn how to become an inspiring leader in empowering team members in the OKR system.