The OKR Institute provides comprehensive OKR Certification, Coaching, Training & Implementation Programs. Learn how to implement OKRs successfully for sustainable OKR Cycles. Get certified as OKR Practitioner & Professional.

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Hands-on coaching with our Certified international Performance & OKR Coaches

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Get certified as OKR Practitioner or OKR Professional by the OKR Institute (OKRI) and the Association for Coaching (ACUK). Discover this agile goal-setting framework via the OKR Foundation Course. OKRI focuses on how to draft the best Objectives & Key Results and how to implement them in a sustainable way. The OKR Institute’s objective for each workshop participant is to master the skills to execute strategies effectively, to bring more alignment, accountability, and engagement to an organization.

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OKR Foundation Course

Discover OKRs and learn how to implement them in your organization. Get certified for the OKR Foundation Course by the OKR Institute. Start anytime

become a Certified OKR Practitioner

OKR Practitioner Course

Become a certified OKR Practitioner to be the OKR Champion in your organization. Certification by the OKR Institute. This course is endorsed by "Association for Coaching (UK)".

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OKR Professional Course

Become a certified OKR Professional to coach others on OKRs. Certification by the OKR Institute. This course is endorsed as "Leader as Coach Course" by "Association for Coaching (UK)".

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OKR Institute helps organizations in Europe, the US, the Middle East, and Asia to deploy OKRs in the most effective & sustainable way. OKRI helps organizations overcome challenges when implementing OKRs such as setting the right pilot group, over-cascading, measuring regularly progress, performance culture change, linking OKRs with other agile or strategy tools, and giving up when it gets tough. Participants of the implementation programs and courses learn how to bridge the gap between strategies and operations via the effective OKRI framework.

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