The OKR Institute collaborated with Petronas, a global energy company, to empower their strategy team with the knowledge and skills necessary for implementing Objectives and Key Results (OKRs) effectively across pilot groups within the organization. This initiative aimed to bolster strategic execution and alignment through tailored OKR frameworks. Below is a structured summary of the initiative, detailing the challenges encountered, the solutions implemented, and the outcomes achieved.

Petronas faced the challenge of drafting impactful OKRs for teams that were not only powerful but also aligned with the company’s overarching strategies, necessitating a nuanced approach to OKR training and implementation.

To address these challenges, the OKR Institute proposed a comprehensive strategy:

  • OKR Practitioner Courses: Tailored training sessions were conducted for Agile Coaches and Team Leads, focusing on drafting effective OKRs and aligning them with team-level and company-wide strategic goals. The curriculum was designed to reflect Petronas’s unique operational context and strategic ambitions, fostering a deep understanding of OKR methodology.

The training program led to significant achievements across the strategy team and pilot groups:

  • Strategic Alignment: Team leads acquired the capability to align OKRs effectively with both their teams’ immediate objectives and Petronas’ broader strategic goals, ensuring cohesive effort towards common targets.
  • Powerful OKR Drafting: Participants learned to draft compelling, customized OKRs that resonated with the specific challenges and opportunities facing their teams, while also capturing the essence of Petronas’s strategic heartbeat – a term reflecting the company’s dynamic approach to goal setting and review cycles.