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The OKRI Framework is one of the fastest-growing opportunities for strategic consulting, training, tooling, and implementation for organizations worldwide.

OKRI’s platforms, processes, and support systems offer the most effective and profitable means for organizations to implement their strategies, vision, and mission.

The established OKRI framework helps organizations achieve tangible and quick results and enables OKRI Partners to successfully pursue new business opportunities that increase their revenue. Partners also benefit from the potential to build a portfolio of referenceable clients, both of which enhance the return on investment (ROI) when partnering with the OKR Institute.

  • Smooth Client Onboarding Journey
  • 24/7 Partner and Client Support
  • Exposure to the #1 OKR E-Learning Platform Worldwide

Thinking about becoming an OKRI Partner?

3 Types of OKRI Partners

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Each partnership brings a different perspective and plays a different role in supporting organizations looking to adopt the OKRI framework.

Partnership Onboarding Process

1st Step

Video call with OKRI
Partnership Team

2nd Step

If all fits, signing
Partnership Agreement

3rd Step

Accreditation of Partner
Coaches as Certified OKR

4th Step

Onboarding on OKRI

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