Revolutionize your goalsetting with the aI okr generator: achieve more in less time

Revolutionize Your Goal-Setting with the AI OKR Generator: Achieve More in Less Time!”

The OKR Institutes’ Chief Technology Officer, Akmal Akpah, and his team created an OKR AI generator that was among the first to market. He utilized LLM (Large Language Model), the very same generative AI behind Chat GPT, to create the OKR Institutes’, Objectives and Key Results generator, ultimately with the outcome of achieving more in less time and revolutionizing goal-setting.

I asked him about the purpose of the OKR generator – ‘It amplifies what an OKR is and how users can draft it,’ he said. He added that this AI product specifies the users’ focus and helps them to tailor-make OKR examples to meet their needs. Akmal elaborated that, as many people easily learn by example, this AI tool provides clear examples to learn from and refine.

He emphasized that this tool is not perfect and is not there to replace OKR setting workshops at the company and team levels. The OKR generator provides examples as starting points; generally speaking, it requires further thinking, refinement, and alignment. This tool is also not meant to replace both the co-creation of OKRs and the collaborative spirit needed to do so, it is there to provide a degree of guidance and a starting point. See it as a first draft of an OKR that requires iteration.

OKRs are Agile goalsetting frameworks and embedding Artificial intelligence in the new ways of working to put more focus on our work,

The OKR Institutes AI tool helps to embrace new ways of working as both AI and Agile methodologies were created to create more simplified and collaborative ways of working. Read the following insightful Forbes article on the impact of AI on the new ways of working.

I asked the OKR generator to create an internal HR OKR with a focus on increasing employee experience, and this is what it came up with –

Objective #1

Develop an Onboarding Program to Enhance Employee Experience

Key Results

  1. Create a comprehensive Onboarding guide
  2. Implement a mentorship program for new hires
  3. Increase employee satisfaction score during the onboarding survey

Objective #2

Offer Professional Growth and Development opportunities for Employees

Key Results

  1. Launch training programs for new skills
  2. Organize monthly workshops and webinars
  3. Increase the percentage of employees receiving promotions after completing a training program

Objective #3

Improve Employee Recognition Program to Boost Morale and Motivation

Key Results

  1. Evaluate the current recognition program and conduct surveys
  2. Update and launch an appreciation program for teams and individuals
  3. Increase employee retention rate by implementing a recognition feedback loop.

To seamlessly create Your OKRs as a starting and reference point for further co-creation and refinement, follow this link:

The Purpose of the OKR Generator

To Akmals’ earlier point, the OKR generator provides examples and a degree of guidance, literally in seconds, it is now up to us to:

  • Make the OKRs more outcome focused
  • The key results can be transformed into mostly dynamic metrics and leading indicators
  • And we can collectively decide on prioritized actions that will help us to achieve the OKR/s

This highlights the general cliché of: ‘It’s less about the tool and more about how you apply it. When you as a team accept the OKR generators’ OKRs as the final Objectives and Key results frameworks that you will immediately execute, you are not acting in the spirit of Agile and OKRs:

  • You are not fostering co-creation and collaboration
  • You are not aligning the OKRs to ensure that the frameworks bridge the strategy and execution gap
  • You have not iterated to ensure that your OKRs are most optimal
  • You have transferred accountability and ownership to the OKR generator, which was never the intent behind the tool

 In summary, here are simple steps that you can take to optimize the inherent benefits of utilizing the AI OKR generator.

  1. Generate the first draft of your OKR frameworks using the AI tool
  2. Conduct a workshop or workshops to:

Refine and tailor-make the Objective statements to fit your company’s context and be more outcome-focused where applicable. Iterate and refine the key results to be/ or have:

  • Milestone key results where applicable
  • More leading indicator orientated, generally speaking
  • The most optimal metric to it.

This way, the AI OKR generator serves as a starting point and a catalyst for writing effective OKRs that support the actualization of your specific company vision. A company’s OKR muscle is built over time, and shortcuts are ineffective. The OKR generator can improve and simplify your OKR setting process and save you time, yet it should be different from the efforts of your team to optimize OKRs.

Talent Development Director of the OKR Institute