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Draft OKRs easily with AI

Takes the guesswork out of drafting OKRs. In seconds, you can create an OKR that will contribute to your team & organizations’ success. This AI tool doesn’t replace a well-planned OKR implementation, but it is a excellent start to your OKR journey.

I-OKR takes the guesswork out of drafting powerful okrs.

In seconds, you can create powerful OKR Frameworks that will contribute to Your Companies’ success.

Unleash the full potential of your AI-generated Objectives & Key Results and align all your Company, Team & Personal OKRs with OKRI’s own OKR Software.


OKR Courses

Near-perfectly AI-written OKRs ‘do not achieve themselves’! Join our courses to align OKRs, lead and empower people and teams the agile way. Learn how to roll out OKRs at scale within an organization, uplift engagement, and execute Objectives & Key Results, and strategies effectively.

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