10 important OKR Questions

okr deployment

The OKR questions you must answer before deploying OKRs in your organization:

1. Levels: At what level will we set OKRs?
You typically start at the corporate level and set up company OKRs. At this level, your OKRs should be heavily informed by your long-term strategy for the organization. When you have long-term goals that span over the course of a year, you need to choose to use company-level OKRs.

2. Number: How many OKRs will we set?
We typically recommend setting a maximum of 3-5 OKRs per team per quarter. This is a maximum, not a minimum – it’s perfectly appropriate to have only 1-2 OKRs.

3. Scoring: How will we score OKRs?
At Google, OKRs are usually graded on a scale of 0.0 to 1.0, 1.0 meaning the objective was fully achieved.

4. Cycle Time: How long is an OKRs cycle?
We used 3-month.

5. OKRs vs KPIs: How do we differentiate OKRs from KPIs?
When it comes to managing your business though, having great KPIs identified by itself is not enough. OKRs may be new, but every business has a plan and a budget for every year. These plans and corresponding budgets are typically based on projections of KPIs, based on what you did in the past and what you target or expect to achieve this year. This is where OKRs come into play. It is a lot easier to use the travel analog.

6. Tooling: Where do we draft, publish, and track OKRs? What templates do we use?

6. Performance Reviews: How will OKRs relate to performance reviews?

8. Alignment: How will we ensure OKRs are aligned?

9. Bottoms-Up: How will we ensure most OKRs originate bottoms-up?

10. Pilot Group: How will we ensure to include OKR enthusiastic people in the pilot group?