How to become an Effective OKR Coach

OKR coaching is explored in this writing. OKRs have been around for a while. There is, however, n renewed vigor around the implementation of OKR frameworks around the globe as more and more companies are inspired by numerous case studies of tremendous company growth powered by OKR frameworks.

’10 X growth’, several times over is not so uncommon when OKR frameworks are effectively deployed, just ask the likes of Google.

Deploying OKR frameworks is not a once-off event, instead, it is a journey. A journey that requires guidance and the astute ability to adapt to change. As a result, perpetual coaching is required to ensure success as far as it is possible. 

General Coaching Cliches’

Naturally, you would have to pass the basic test of being knowledgeable where OKR theory is concerned and continuous practice in implementing OKRs within different industries and cultural contexts would dramatically improve your credibility as a coach, especially after a few successful case studies. 

After all, is said and done in terms of ‘coaching cliches’ and generalities the context of OKR implementation and coaching becomes a priority to understand:

The Context of Business Performance and OKR Coaching

A perfect understanding of OKR theory and implementation does not ensure success as a coach as there can be a plethora of factors that impact both the implementation and sustainability of OKR frameworks.

Business culture is the broad context for business performance and within a toxic culture and poor business climate, it might not even be feasible to even start the implementation of OKRs until some critical issues are addressed.

As the general mindset of teams and individuals, the clarity of the business vision, the role of values, hiring practices, retention practices, training and coaching techniques, communication structures, the delicate leadership/management balance, and more, all impact the implementation and sustainability of OKR frameworks it is critical for OKR coaches to develop a practical understanding of all of these elements over time.

Failing the above, it will not only be the successful implementation of OKRs that becomes a major challenge but the sustainability of deployment becomes virtually impossible.

Therefore a broad Human resources understanding will definitely be highly useful to any OKR coach.

It is definitely not wrong to specialize in the implementation of OKRs only, as a coach, but in that case, it is both practical and ethical to advise as the coaching scenario demands to advise clients that other experts may be required to ensure the sustainability of the implementation of OKR frameworks.

Read the following article on how leadership and coaching have become intertwined in recent times:

How to get started.

It is a good idea to start off as an ‘OKR enthusiast’ – Read everything you can find on OKRs, watch youtube videos, attend courses, and follow other coaches. Most importantly start practically implementing OKRs and be open to failure at first.

Once ‘the spark of OKR enthusiasm’ is really ignited within you and you feel the sincere desire and determination burning in your heart to become an OKR coach, start researching professional OKR coaching courses it is worth repeating, it is advisable to find courses that provide context to OKR coaching. 

You do not have to wait to get a certificate before you embark on your coaching journey, at all times it is a good idea to actually start coaching as soon as possible – practice makes perfect. 

Start by introducing personal objectives into your life with supporting key results such as for example:

Objective: Lose weight in a healthy way

Key result 1: Sart by comfortably walking 1 km a day

Key result 2: Start by visibly reducing portion sizes of food by at least 10%

Introduce these methods to friends as you start seeing the effect of personal OKRs.

Pending your personality, you can slowly progress from coaching friends to building a business around coaching OKRs or you can jump straight into it by immediately attending a course and aggressively finding clients.

In any case, you will soon know as you build your enthusiasm around OKRs if it is your purpose to be an OKR coach.

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