People Performance Program

Empower Your People for aligned self-driven teams

Our People Performance Program is principle-based and is distilled into practical actions and tactics for both:

Induce sustainable company growth
sustainable development of your team

Program Description

The People Performance program consists of the OKR Institute Practitioner and OKR Leadership courses. Both these courses are tailor-made to your company’s needs. We request your company’s Vision, Mission, and strategic direction as enablers to tailor-make the People Performance program and help you benefit most from it. We will work closely with your Human resources department in addition to ensuring that the skills-building capacity of your organization, as a tool to empower you to achieve your objectives, is elevated. – “Your strategy is only as good as your skills”.

Objectives and Key Results (OKRs), supported by prioritized tasks, are the frameworks utilized in our premier consulting program. OKRs are future-oriented aspirational and challenge the team to engage in innovative thinking, inspired action, and focused efforts that yield effective results when implemented successfully.

After all, it is people who achieve. In line with this fact, we offer customized solutions to organizations that enhance team members’ engagement levels. Additionally, we provide expert support in optimizing communication for meetings and check-ins through our OKR INSTITUTE effective communication model, called Communication with an ROI (Return on Investment), to ensure the sustainable implementation of OKRs.

Google attributes its phenomenal growth to three key elements: OKRs, strong leadership, and a values-based culture. While several learnings are practically applied during this program, OKRs, a values-based culture, and strong leadership form the soul of our signature program.


Values-based culture creation

Communication with an ROI



  • Induce sustainable company growth
  • Deploy tailor-made OKR frameworks to support your company’s sustainable growth
  • Turn your strategies into confident and productive action
  • Develop your team and create more high-quality leaders
  •  Dramatically uplift the engagement levels of your team
  • Embed the company value system as behavioral standards
  • Create a sustainable high-performance culture
  • Learn how to effectively coach underperformers and high performers
  • Create clarity, consistent and effective communication structure’s within your organization

OKR Foundation

okr practitioner course

OKR Practitioner

okr leadership course

OKR Leadership

OKR Professional Course

OKR Professional

OKR implementation program

OKR Implementation



Depending on the client’s needs, the program duration will be between sixteen and twenty-four hours, divided into pre-scheduled sessions.


This program is specifically designed to be effective for leadership and management teams in any industry. It is suitable for teams that are serious about sustainable company growth, navigating through turbulent global market conditions, and developing their team to be the best in the world.
Our Flagship consulting program

The People Performance Program

Sustainable growth and performance through OKRs. Lead your people to success.