leadership and performance frameworks cause unprecendented growth

Leadership and OKR frameworks: A potent combination

The concepts of Leadership and performance frameworks are practically explored within this article. True Leadership has never been more needed than right now. The integration of Leadership skills and OKR frameworks form a potent combination in addressing several challenges in a proactive way

A Challenging world

In terms of us as a species experiencing global events and the impact thereof, there are truly no more borders. Covid-19 and the Ukraine war have created ‘negative compound interest’ that will present mutated future challenges to us.

These events have put a microscope on Leadership and also the opportunity that true leaders have to stand up and change the world. 

practical Application

Leadership is behavioral and not a title. Leadership is about both strategic thinking and the execution of the same. Leadership is future-directed and inspirational. Leadership is a mandate of collectivity and teamwork. Leadership is about overcoming challenges. 

Leading others is also about being the example of the behavior that you desire from others. Essentially at the core of Leadership lies the ability to create other leaders as a way to ensure a sustainable and desired future.

At the heart of the ability to guide others lies character development. Character is the opposite of image. Image is what you want others to think of you, character is who you really are – Your authentic self. To Lead, you must also be a highly committed individual. 

The most valuable tools to a leader are her or his ears. Active listening is mostly both a lost skill and the most necessary one all at the same time. Here is the thing about a lot of talk – You learn absolutely nothing from talking but you can learn an awesome amount through really, really listening.

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All Leadership is change leadership

within the highly volatile circumstances in that, we live and operate our businesses and organizations our ability to embrace useful change and ‘pivot’ at speed when required has become essential.

As far back as 2017, the Harvard business review was already advocating that “all management is change management”. As Leadership and management can be integrated yet are two different concepts it can also be stated that  – All leadership has become change Leadership. Herewith the very informative article:


All improvements and growth can be considered as changes as the end result is a different proposition from the status quo. 

Where Leadership seamlessly meets OKR Frameworks

Generally speaking, OKR frameworks are also known for their future orientation, their aspirational character, and demand for high engagement levels fortified by teamwork.

These and other likenesses suggest that OKR frameworks can be a powerful tool for a Leader or Leadership to deploy as a mechanism of strategy execution. OKR frameworks in general have future-directed objectives at their core which represents a change from the status quo.

OKR Frameworks can thus be critical in accurately measuring and tracking the performance of change initiatives

“In Business, the idea of measuring what you are doing, picking the measurements that count like customer satisfaction and performance….you thrive on that”

Bill Gates

Business Culture

Business culture provides the context for both Leadership and Performance frameworks to either flourish or ‘perish’. Within a growth-orientated and positive culture, both stewardship and performance management becomes relatively easier. Within a toxic culture, both Leadership and performance management will either suffer or become impossible.

Generally speaking, Performance metrics, when accurately and effectively deployed can serve supervisors in two very important ways:

1.  It is factual data that directs the focus away from emotions and directs it toward current realities.

2. Basing decisions on current facts can be a strong foundation for future success.

Google and several other giant global companies have attributed a large portion of their phenomenal growth to deploying OKR frameworks.

OKR frameworks effectively deployed can be a huge contributing factor to establishing and sustaining a high Performance and growth culture. 

Key struggles for leaders

Stakeholder commitment, fostering a shared value system amongst employees, general work ethic and sustainable performance tend to be some of the general challenges that custodians face. Adding to the volume of challenges leaders must solve complex problems and dilemmas.

Leaders tend to be highly unique individuals who actually learn to truly enjoy solving problems instead of shying away from them. Armed with essential Leadership characteristics and skills combined with highly effective tools such as, for example, OKR frameworks.

Talent Development Director of the OKR Institute