When writing your OKRs, you need to starts with writing a set of your Objectives. These are the 5 characteristics you need to look for when writing your Objectives.

1. Give Direction

An objective must be consistent with the company’s direction and helps the company achieve its vision. If you can accomplish this Objective, what will the company benefit? Or if you don’t do this, does the company lose opportunities in any matter or unable to grow?

2. Very Clear

Objectives must be very clear, unambiguous, and understandable throughout the company. Everyone in the company must have the same understanding of the Objective’s purpose.

3. Bring Positive Change

Objectives must create a positive change in the company, from the old condition to the new and better shape. The everyday routine work can’t be considered as an objective in OKRs.

4. Challenging

Objectives need to be challenging. It helps create a leap forward shift in the company. It moves people in the company to achieve their true potential. If the employees can easily reach the Objectives, it will not challenge them to improve their performance, grow, and achieve more.

5. Inspiring

Objectives must inspire the employees to accomplish more. A good Objective allows them to see the dominos effect throughout the progress, making them very proud in contributing to the Objectives’ outcomes.

You usually only have 3-4 objectives per quarter, so ensure all your objectives have these characteristics to make your overall OKR a good one as well. Next, you can check out the characteristics of the good Key Results.