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What is OKR Software?

OKR software helps business owners, CEOs, managers, and team members to track strategic & tactical objectives and key results facilitating accountability and transparency. OKR software is structured to assist you with setting, tracking, and measuring Objectives and Key Results at the management, team, and individual levels. Adoption of the OKR framework is made easier with suitable software adjusted to the heartbeat of teams and the organization.

The G2 comparison and review b2b software platform provides a good overview of vendors for Objectives and Key Results software. To save you time, we share a list of G2 of the best OKR software tools. OKRI launched okri.io – OKR Software in Q3 2022, developed and designed with the experience of 1,000+ OKR rollouts in teams and organizations.

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What is an OKR and Why Do I Need a Software?

Objective and Key Result is an agile goal-setting framework that helps you draft measurable goals to drive your organization towards success. Organizations deploy OKRs via software and apps to make it easy for team members to update their progress. Further benefits of SaaS products are the easier alignment of Objectives and Key Results on the vertical as well as the horizontal level and additional engagement modules such as weekly check-ins. Managers are able to generate by a click of a button performance reports. But nothing wrong with it starting with an OKR excel template (download) to draft and implement OKRs.

OKR stands for objective & key result. Your objective is what you want to achieve, and the key result is the number that tracks your performance and progress towards hitting your goal.

Once you reach your key result, you achieve your objective

When writing an OKR, apply this simple formula:
I will: (objective)
As measured by: (set of key results)

Here is an OKR example:

Objective: Improve our strategy for your blog.

Key Result #1: Publish 100 new blog posts in the third quarter.
Key Result #2: Conduct 4 interviews with industry leaders and experts.
Key Result #3: Get 10,000 subscribers on our blog website.

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