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Sherif is a seasoned, commercially experienced Management Consultant and OKR Coach heralding a 25+ year international track record in formulating and implementing corporate strategy, operations restructuring, and technology transformation solutions for the private and governmental sectors. He brings a highly successful track record through an extensive history of providing international clientele across diverse industries with exceptional coaching and management consulting solutions. Proficient in complex project management, collaborating with international multi-cultural environment country teams, and providing inspirational leadership. Born and educated in Germany, followed by successful roles across Western Europe, the UK, and the Middle East.

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Cairo, Cairo Governorate, 11519, Egypt
German, English, Arabic
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UK, Europe, Middle East and Africa

SHERIF HASSAN 12 reviews

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12 reviews
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    I gained excellent knowledge , qualifications, and added value in strategic planning by learning the OKR methodology from Sherif Hassan and his 25 years of consulting and coaching experience. I would like to thank the OKR Institute for facilitating such an excellent course.

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    Abdelrahman Haider

    The course is insightful and fruitful, as for the content it’s very dynamic and complies with any business, OKRs are now adopted by well-known companies to implement their strategic objectives. Also the course includes a lot of activities that utilise what I have learned to make sure to have a theoretical part and a practical part.
    Adding to that the trainer Sherif Hassan was very helpful, professional and knowledgeable about the course since he has experience using OKRs mindset for decades.

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    Saud Alhazab

    سعدت جدا بخوض تجربة نوعية وجديدة في الحصول على تدريب شخصي في منهجية الأهداف و النتائج الرئيسية مع قامة علمية وعملية
    الأستاذ شريف حسن
    وخُتمت التجربة الجميلة بأني أصبحت ممارس معتمد للمنهجية
    هذه الشهادة المعتمدة ستدعمني في العمل مع الأفراد و فرق العمل والمضي قدمًا في التطوير المؤسسي و استخدام أحدث المنهجيات في التخطيط الاستراتيجي بإذن الله

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    Abdulrahman Alsarami

    تعلمت من الأستاذ شريف الكثير في منهجية الأهداف والنتائج الرئيسية وتميز بخبرته الطويلة في الادارة والتخطيط ويعطي أمثلة عملية واقعية من وحي خبرته العميقة

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    Awolola Abimbola Michael

    I learnt how to align OKRs, productive class, good trainer

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