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Renzo is an experienced change- and transformation manager. He can best be described as a dedicated and enthusiastic motivator who inspires people and teams.

A creative and intuitive entrepreneur who strongly focuses on synergy between people and processes. A customer-oriented thinker that welcomes change and sees passion as the best motivator for personal and organizational development.

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Utrecht, Netherlands
English, Dutch
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4 reviews
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    Very much enjoyed the training given by Renzo. I’m used to training’s where you only focus on the theory and passing the exam, but Renzo was able to base the explanations on our experiences and how to use OKRs, including the possible pitfalls. It gave me much better insights on how to put OKRs to practice!

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    The basic training is very practical and gives you a great idea of OKR’s in general and how to work with. Renze explains every item en the whole context of the OKR’s. Practical, because I could fill in my own OKR’s as an live example during the training. So efficient, great!

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    Thomas Bogaard

    Nice training with good examples. Renzo explains clearly and helps you get an good understanding of OKRs. He helps you get a grip on your business or company, to improve it with the help of OKRs.
    The training was energetic and interactive. Not a sales pitch, but clear examples that you have to bring into practice within the training.

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    Rowan Hagen

    I recently attended the OKR Practitioner Training led by Renzo, and I must say it was a valuable experience. Renzo is a trainer with an impressive amount of knowledge and expertise in the field of Objectives and Key Results. His ability to simplify and make complex concepts accessible is commendable.

    One of the remarkable aspects of the training was Renzo’s persuasive power. He has a unique way of captivating and motivating his audience, making the session not just informative but also inspiring. His enthusiasm and passion for the subject were evident, which led to a more engaging learning experience.

    The content of the course was not only theoretical but also relevant in practice. It provided me with valuable insights and skills that I can apply in my work. The interactive elements and practical examples helped to solidify the material, making the theory vivid and applicable.

    I rate this training as ‘perfect’. It was an investment in my professional development that was worth every minute. I would recommend Renzo to anyone looking to deepen their knowledge of OKRs or seeking an effective way to implement strategic objectives in their organization. With Renzo’s guidance, I am confident that every participant will gain valuable insights and skills that will positively impact their work.

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