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MIRO | INTERACTIVE | C-OKRP® | 1st Session (1-3)

OKR Practitioner | C-OKRP® | MIRO

Th[is] makes your online OKR Certification interactive! You will collaborate on a MIRO board. Combined with breakout sessions you are in for high level engagement.

This special training format is facilitated by 2 OKR Program Consultants to give you a smooth experience combined with a steep learning curve.

This training is tailored in 3 session of 3,5 hours. You will sign up for the Starting date first session. The second and third session blocks will be agreed upon with you class.

Become a certified OKR Practitioner

As a certified OKR Practitioner you will be able to help your organization achieve sustainable implementation of OKRs. The OKR method provides consensus and clear communication about strategy and objectives. It brings focus and creates autonomy that leads to a result-oriented corporate culture that fosters teamwork.

Defining challenging Objectives and Key Results may seem simple but requires practice and a good understanding of the underlying theory to achieve successful implementation. All these elements are covered in this training where theory and practice are combined.

Support and Exam

This training is supported by an online E-learning environment. Here you will find the complete training, supported by videos and the online exam (including 2 attempts).

Preparation OKR Foundation Certification (Not mandatory)

  • Certifications:

    OKR Practitioner | C-OKRP®