The OKR Institute partnered with Bauhaus/Bahag, a prominent retail company headquartered in Germany, to implement Objectives and Key Results across their teams. The initiative aimed to enhance strategic alignment and operational efficiency by using OKRs effectively. This collaboration focused on addressing the challenges of integrating OKRs within the company’s framework, providing solutions through targeted training, and achieving significant outcomes in OKR drafting and alignment.

The main challenge was the rollout of OKRs at the German HQ, requiring a nuanced approach to ensure the OKR framework resonated with the company’s strategic goals and operational practices, often referred to as the OKR heartbeat of Bauhaus/Bahag.

To overcome this challenge, the OKR Institute devised a strategic solution:

  • OKR Practitioner Courses: Tailored courses were conducted for Agile Coaches and Team Leads, focusing on how to draft impactful OKRs and align them with both the company’s strategies and the unique operational rhythm, or heartbeat, that characterizes Bauhaus/Bahag’s approach to goal setting and achievement.

The training initiative led to several key achievements:

  • Strategic Alignment: Team Leads and Agile Coaches acquired the skills to effectively align OKRs with the company’s strategic goals, ensuring a unified direction across all levels of the organization.
  • Powerful OKR Drafting: Participants learned to draft powerful, team-specific OKRs that were not only aligned with the strategic vision but also customized to fit the distinct OKR heartbeat of Bauhaus/Bahag, encapsulating the company’s unique culture and operational tempo.