OKR Glossary

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Key Result
The “KR” in OKR, these are set benchmarks or measurements which describes “how” an organization, team, or individual plans to get closer to their Objective. Effective Key Results should be specific and time-bound, aggressive, yet realistic. Key Results are measurable and verifiable and they track progress towards the Objective. Completing a Key Result is not subjective, you either hit the performance goal or you don’t. Key Results drafted as a set, and are tied to a specific Objective, and are set to guide actions throughout each OKR cycle. There should be no more than 5 KRs per Objective.

stands for key performance indicators. KPIs are metrics used to measure the operations and health of an organization. For example, KPIs can track sales or production numbers. Some KPIs could be great key results, but they need to be aligned with your objective.