OKR Glossary

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The OKR framework is a tool to create ownership over the Objectives and Key Results being set. If you have an Objective with 5 Key Results, then each Key Result has a lead, that is usually linked to a team member of the respective OKR group.

Action Plan
Initiatives or tasks you cross off from the action list as you complete them. Each Key Result should have an initiative list. It indicates what you do to accomplish this Key Result. If an OKR is off the track, ideally your initiative list will change.

A set of principles is used by many software teams to make better decisions on how they conduct their work. These values are customer centric and favour adaptability, collaboration, and iteration. Scrum and Safe are part of these agile toolboxes.

Providing visibility to and uniting teams and departments in support of common objectives. You can align vertically and horizontally OKRs in the organization from the management level to the teams/department and team members.

Motivate and challenge the team.

Aspirational OKR
Big Picture Ideas - working on the business