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To empower you to draft powerful OKRs that take your culture into account, and to learn how to avoid pitfalls, join our OKR Practitioner Course..

Gain in-depth knowledge from our experienced facilitators and learn how to practically apply OKR theory. We facilitate OKR coaching in small groups, making it both an interactive and practical experience. You will have the opportunity to practice drafting OKRs during the course.

Our vast experience, derived from working with industry-leading multinationals, startups in various industries, and small and medium-sized businesses, will be shared with you in short but powerful sessions to optimize the transfer of OKR skills.

Add great value and growth to your current organization or clients, if you are a coach, by joining the OKR Practitioner Course.

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Draft good and strong Objectives and Key Results by using the OKR Formula. Have you included all criteria for a strong OKR?

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