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As an internationally accredited professional coach, Lisa is passionate about unleashing the potential of business, people, and technology through providing systemic facilitation, coaching, and consulting.

Work experiences​
- 18 years in international financial institutions
- 10 years working in C-Suite leadership decision table
- 7 years professional coaching experience, with 600+ hours of coaching 100+ clients, all with very positive feedback​
- Led national, regional and global teams with cross-culture backgrounds
- Drove change and transformation projects at different scales through facilitation, communication, OKR and project management

Contact Information

English, Mandarin, Cantonese, and Hakka


OKR Certification
Professional Certified Coach, ICF​
Certified Extraordinary Presenter, Mandel​
Certified Shared Leadership Coach, LIM​
Team Coaching Certification Program (advanced), LIM​
World Class Communication Professional, HarknessKenette​

Availability / Location covered

Locations Covered
Hong Kong

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