OKR Foundation Course – Why OKR?

– Before we learn about OKRs, it’s good to start by knowing Why we use OKRs. – Many of us set the goals wrong, and in most cases, we don’t have a goal at all. – When quality and objectives are combined with the effective engagement of team members, your company is likely to be a sustainable success. – I’ve seen many times when an organization sets the right goal for the right reason, and they will succeed. – The objective drives us in the right direction. – With OKR, goals come in two pieces, Objective and Key Result. – Objectives are the ‘What’. It describes the place you want to be – Key Results are the ‘How’. It shows you the roadmap to accomplish your Objective – OKR will help your organization get to its goal. – That is the reason Why we use OKRs. Get your OKR Foundation Certification: https://okrinstitute.org/courses/okr-foundation/