OKR Foundation Course – What is the difference KPI vs OKR?

– You may already know about KPI, another popular way to measure goals. – KPI stands for Key Performance Indicator. – KPI helps to measure the health of your organization. – But the main difference with OKR, KPI is not necessarily attached to an Objective. – Some of your daily KPIs can become the Key Result for your Objective. – In the table below, you can see the side-by-side comparison between OKR and KPI. – OKR stands for Objectives and Key Results, and KPI stands for Key Performance Indicator – OKRs focus on the Future, while KPIs focus on the “Business as Usual” – OKR usually have Ambitious Goal, is Qualitative, Outcome, and Growth Oriented – KPI, on the other hand, sets Attainable Goals and is more Quantitative and Output Oriented – As we go along this course, the difference between OKR and KPI will get clearer to you. Get your OKR Foundation Certification: https://okrinstitute.org/courses/okr-foundation/