OKR Foundation Course – Types of Key Results

– In this topic, we will learn about several types of Key Results. – Key Results will usually fit into one of three types: – Inputs, Outputs, and Outcomes. – Inputs are things that you can control. – Outputs are the effects of your inputs. – Outcomes are a more advanced way to think about Outputs. – It describes the desired result and emphasizes the “before” and “after” more clearly. – There is no perfect “one-size fits all” formula for whether your Key Results should be all Inputs, Outputs, or Outcomes. – The best is to mix it up. – Now look back at your Key Result and identify if it is an Input, Output or Outcome. – If you found any Key Result that is not clear, try re-write them as a different type. – Remember that every Key Result needs to show an improvement over what you do right now clearly. Get your OKR Foundation Certification: https://okrinstitute.org/courses/okr-foundation