OKR Foundation Course – Set your Key Results

– You now have your Objectives all written down. – Amazing right? But the next question is, how do you make it all happen? – That is a perfect question. – Remember, Key Results is about the ‘How’. – In this lesson, we will set the Key Results for all your Objectives. – Each Objective will have between 2-5 Key Results. – Now look at your Objective and ask this question. – In the next 90 days, what 2-5 biggest things need to happen for the Objective to become a reality? – These are your Key Results. – Your Key Result will measure the progress you’re making towards your Objective. – Once you have set 2-5 Key Results for each of your Objectives, take a look back and check if they have these 3 criteria: – 1. Are they specific and time-bound? – 2. Are they aggressive yet realistic? – 3. Are they measurable and verifiable? – If not, change your Key Result to meet those criteria. Get your OKR Foundation Certification: https://okrinstitute.org/courses/okr-foundation