OKR Foundation Course – Make your OKR align

– “How do I hand off OKRs to my team?” – “How do I work with an OKR that was set by my leadership team?” – These are the common questions people ask before they run OKR in their team. – To answer that, let me emphasize that OKRs aren’t meant to be used in silos. – It is important to align OKR across different teams in the organization. – There are two types of OKR alignment; – Explicit, and – Implicit. – Explicit alignment is when you’ve been given a higher-level Key Result as your Objective. – We also call this “inheriting” an Objective. – It tends to provide a more “structured” alignment to overall the OKRs. – Next, Implicit alignment is when you use OKRs from elsewhere in the organization to develop your OKRs to support achieving that OKR. – Implicit alignment tends to be more “fluid” – It is usually used when an organization wants to empower its teams to use their creativity to achieve organizational OKR. – What makes OKR work is how it helps organizations and teams to align their objectives so that everyone can work on the same mission. Get your OKR Foundation Certification: https://okrinstitute.org/courses/okr-foundation