OKR Foundation Course – How to make a good OKR?

– In this topic, we will learn how to make a good OKR. – Good OKR will determine if your OKR is effective or not. – Let’s see what makes a good OKR. – First, OKR must represent meaningful change, improvement, or growth for your organization. – OKR must also point out what we need to do next. – We go a little bit further, as we also need our Objective to be good, same with our Key Results – Good Objectives must be – First, Meaningful: – Is the Objective a top priority? – Does it articulate a clear direction? – Secondly, Audacious: – Is the outcome take what you do daily to the next level? – Does it represent a significant change from where we are today? – Thirdly, Inspiring: – Is the Objective easy to remember? – Does it empower your teams? – Then good Key Results usually are: – Specific and have time-bound – They are aggressive but still realistic. – They can be measured and can be verified. – With this in mind, your OKR can be Good. Get your OKR Foundation Certification: https://okrinstitute.org/courses/okr-foundation/