OKR Foundation Course – Defining success with OKR

– Now that we already have an improved Key Result, we’ll learn how it will define our success. – But first, look at each of your OKRs and ask, “If I accomplish all of my Key Results, do I achieve my Objective and ultimately achieve Success?” – It’s important to envision what success looks like. – In general, there are three ways to define success with OKR, Committed, Aspirational and Learning. – Committed OKRs are the goals we all agree need to be achieved for us to succeed. – Aspirational OKRs push us to be audacious. They make teams stretch well past the usual to make it happen. – Learning OKRs are explorations or experiments to prove a hypothesis. – Now take a step back and check what type of success your OKR wants to achieve. – Does the Objective and Key Result reflect the type of success your mission is targeting for? Get your OKR Foundation Certification: https://okrinstitute.org/courses/okr-foundation